Lady Bridget Ballard – Dominatrix in Phoenix, Arizona

Lady Bridget Ballard, Dominatrix, FemDom, Domina
Dominatrix, Domina, Femdom Phoenix, AZ


Please note, my current stable of local playmates is nearly full. 
At this time I am mostly interested in reconnecting with those I
have played with in the past.  I also love to play with occasional
visitors to the Phoenix area.  If you are local and have a sincere
desire to serve me, please note there will be a vetting process.

If you are interested in meeting me, please fully read my web site
protocol page before proceeding.

1. E-mail me the following:
    A. Full name and contact info, including phone number
    B. Interest, fetishes and areas you wish to explore
    C. Level of experience (please be honest)
    D. Health history
    E Have we met before?  (If yes, skip F)
    F. References (preferably Dominants that are still active).  If you
       are a novice, please state that and understand
        I will require additional vetting.

​Note:  This is for my safety and yours.  Through this process you are requesting a form of play where truth is paramount. We must be able to trust each other to get the most out of our time together.  All information you give me will be kept strictly confidential.  Also note, I will contact your references in a discrete and professional manner.

​2.  Once I receive all the above information I will arrange a 
​      phone interview with you.

3.  For those I have not played with before, I require a meeting
     in a public place.  If you are a visitor with limited time we 
     may arrange to play afterwards.  In public, please address
​     me as Bridget.

4. Please be respectful, honest and forthright at all times.
     This requires a balance between thoroughly responding to
     my instructions while keeping everything brief and to the point.   
     I prefer spending my limited time playing rather than
Safety, mine as well as yours, is not something to compromise.
If we meet, our time together will be worth the time and effort
the above steps require.


Lady Bridget Ballard – Dominatrix in Phoenix, Arizona

My Mailing Address:
Bridget Ballard
7000 N 16th ST, Ste 120 #220

Phoenix AZ 85020 - 5524


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